The evisceration line in poultry slaughterhouses is the section where the carcasses, after being stunned and plucked, are gutted to be prepared for cooling and cutting. Technological progress and rising labor costs are causing more and more slaughterhouses to modernize this section, and manufacturers of deboning machines are introducing further changes to reduce the number of jobs and improve the quality of deboning.


Are you thinking about improving the processes in the deboning line? Are you considering adding new products to your offer? Or are you planning to build a new plant?

No matter if you are considering modernizing the entire deboning line, or replacing or overhauling one of the machines, it is worth seeking the advice of an expert before making a decision.

Why modernize the evisceration line?

Sometimes it may even turn out that it is worth improving the process, even if everything seems to be working, and there are many reasons for this.

  • The need to replace worn-out or faulty machines with new ones
  • The possibility of improving the profitability of the process, such as the percentage of offal yield
  • The opportunity to implement savings, such as in terms of jobs, electricity, or water
  • The potential to improve the quality of individual operations
  • The desire to improve sanitary conditions

The lack of space in relation to the needs in the deboning hall is no problem for us.

“There is no slaughterhouse that we cannot equip”

– this is a saying that is in use among our most demanding customers.

MEYN evisceration line

We recommend poultry deboning machines from the industry leader, MEYN sp. z o. o. [LINK]  MEYN eviscerationmachines provide the best evisceration quality. 

Our long-standing cooperation with UNIMASZ and MEYN has allowed us to develop a scheme for efficient installation of deboning machines. You will benefit from it twice, thanks to attractive discount offers on MEYN equipment, which we are able to offer by implementing the project together with our partner.


Poultry eviscerationmachines in the MEYN offer

Offer adjusted to your needs

MEYN deboning systems are available in several variants, depending on your goals and desired results.


They cover a wide range from simple and very compact devices, handling a limited variety of products and not requiring PLC or computer support to manage the process, to automatically controlled systems that can be configured for many sizes of carcasses and operate at high speeds.

Together with MEYN, we help you choose the configuration that best meets the requirements of your process.


UNIMASZ manufactures much more than individual machines and equipment.

Our offer also includes complete installations and modernizations of systems for poultry slaughterhouses, including unloading, slaughter, deboning, cooling, cutting, and associated equipment. We plan the layout of the equipment to make the most efficient use of the available space and meet all your expectations. 

We use evisceration and cutting machines from our partner Meyn B.V–  their machines are the most popular solutions in the region, offering the best quality of operations on the market in its’ price range.

Our technology allows us to equip poultry plants with capacities ranging from 500 to 12,000 units/hour.

We offer full support, from project planning, through production and installation, to maintenance.


UNIMASZ has 30 years of experience in working with poultry, including broilers, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

The projects of equipping or modernizing entire slaughterhouses or their sections entrusted us:

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