Delicate fruit washer & dryer


Delicate fruit washer & dryer perfectly washes strawberries, cherries, currants, plum, blueberries, gooseberries, rhubarb cubes, mushrooms and other delicate fruits and vegetables.

Fruits enter the washing medium tank together with solid impurities, which fall to the bottom.

Fruits are picked up from the water by a conveyor with cleats.

During transport the fruits are rinsed with a mist of water and then air dried.


Due to its extremely effective drying, delicate fruit washer & dryer can be part of


Delicate fruit washer dryer is built with the following components:

  • bottom tank
  • side channel fan pumping air
  • system of pipelines pumping air with outlets
  • modular conveyor
  • stone catcher located in the bottom sump screen
  • drain valve of the main tank
  • fresh wash water piping system with valves:
3/4″ tap1 psc.
1/2″ tap2 psc.
rinsing nozzles2 psc.


Washes and dries :

rhubarb cubes
other fruits and vegetables

Design adapted to requirements of the industry:

The water-air washer is made of non-toxic, non-absorbent materials, resistant to products and cleaning agents.

Elements in direct contact with the product are made of acid-resistant materials or plastics dedicated to food contact.

All nooks and crannies of the device are accessible for thorough cleaning

The surfaces of the components are smooth, the structural profiles are closed and rounded.

Most of the connections are welded joints

Auxiliary materials (e.g. lubricants, oils) cannot come into contact with the product.


  • capacity: 3000 kg/h
  • conveyor power supply: 1.1 kW/380V,
  • side-channel fan: 1.1 kW/380V.
  • water consumption: approx. 0.5÷1.8 m/h
  • total width: 1663 mm
  • working width: 1000 mm
  • total height: 1690 mm
  • loading height: 1165 mm
  • total length: 4174 mm
  • weight: 550 kg

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