Apples unloading system

Apples unloading system from UNIMASZ

is the ideal apples unloading system on a mass scale!

It is designed for efficient and fast unloading of apples from trailers and crates.

Its size and capacity allow you to achieve a capacity of up to 100 tons of fruit per hour and store up to 2,500 cubic meters of cargo.


Upon arrival, the driver can see the hoppers on the left side of the tipper.

The tipper is equipped with

  • sliding borts to prevent apples from spilling out
  • operating platform

The tipper lifts the trailer by up to 30° to completely unload the apples.

Unloading is done from the semi-trailer into a chute basket with a conveyor belt underneath the basket.

The hopper is equipped with a reinforced bumper to help sustain huge loads.





The conveyor with the hopper transports the goods to an inclined conveyor and then to a separating conveyor placed along the silo.




The distribution conveyor is equipped with movable borts and chutes (angle and length adjustment) to allow the transport of goods to individual silo boxes.

An employee operating the conveyor manually opens the individual moving borts and adjusts the extension and angle of the chute during unloading to fill the box completely.





The box is emptied by raising the drain sluice upward and allowing water to drain the apples into the canal.

Once the box is emptied, the drain sluice is closed and the box is ready to receive the next delivery of apples.

Technical data:


Capacity:about 100t/h 
Bunker capacity:about 2500m3 
Methods of unloading:from side using tipperfrom the back with box pallets
Capacity of the chute basket:about  45m3 
Power demand:70kW 
Water demand to float 1 box:about 350m3/hwater flows in closed loop and is filtered
Unloading vehicles – different types, height from the level of the tipper to the floor:from 1m –to 1,3m, height borts 0,4m-0,8m 


Real life example of apples unloading system

rozładunek jabłek realizacjia
rozładunek jabłek realizacja
rozładunek jabłek realizacja
rozładunek jabłek realizacjia


We can customize the of apples unloading system to meet individual customer requirements, thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing and upgrading fruit and vegetable processing systems.


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